Our approach

Etronika Retail Solution (ERS) serves over 800 Point-of-sales (POS) terminals, among which – the largest convenience store network in Finland with over 600 stores. ERS offers more than 1000 electronic products, including parcel service, money transfer, bill payments and iTunes top-ups. ERS also serves the largest convenience store in Lithuania with more than 600 stores. It is No1 independent provider of pre-paid services, offering wide range of innovative electronic products, including bill and invoice payments, consumer credits, e-tickets and others.


  • Fast service: 25 sec to serve a client.
  • Fast launching: 25 hours to launch a new product.
  • Fast training: 25 min to train your employee.
  • Fast data collection: 15 min to know how your network is doing.
  • Advanced self-checkout opportunities.
  • E-product implementation.
  • System flexibility and reliability.
  • Based on Banking-level back-office capabilities.

Case studies:

  • ETRONIKA retail solution implemented in “Lietuvos spauda” – the biggest convenience store network in Lithuania.
  • ETRONIKA was first in Europe to implement first prepaid mobile phone top-up solution for TeliaSonera group – the dominant telephone company and mobile network operator in Lithuania.
  • ETRONIKA retail solution implemented in R-kiosk (Estonia) and Rutakrija in Russia and Romania.
  • ETRONIKA retail solution implemented in the biggest convenience store retailer in Finland – R-kioski of Reitan Group.