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We are passionate about combining our knowledge of technology with our expertise in practice-based consultancies

and we have worked in IT for 25+ years in more than 50 countries from our offices in Vilnius, Norway, Rwanda, Bangladesh and Uganda

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NRD Companies consist of:
Norway Registers Development AS   I   NRD Systems   I   NRD Rwanda   I   NRD Bangladesh   I   ETRONIKA   I   Infobank Uganda

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Senior .NET Developer

We are looking for a highly skilled Senior .NET Developer at ETRONIKA.

We expect that You are an inspirational leader and operate a key role in ensuring high-quality code, product stability, and architectural development.

.NET Developer

We are looking for a .NET developer at ETRONIKA.

You will be responsible for designing and developing innovative mission-critical FinTech solutions for demanding worldwide financial institutions.

Junior/Mid .NET Developer

You will be responsible for designing and implementing software solutions for our clients and maintaining and supporting these solutions at NRD Systems.

Mid/Senior System Analyst

If you have strong analytical, critical thinking & planning skills, and understanding of software & systems development is nothing new to you - well then, you sound like a perfect fit for our team at NRD Systems.

IT Analyst - Proposal Writer

If you're fluent in English, have a strong understanding of software & systems development and enjoy communicating - we might have a perfect position for you at NRD Companies!

Business Process Analyst/Modeler

If you not only want to analyze complex solutions and processes but also want to make them work with your own hands, then this role at ETRONIKA is for YOU!

IT Project Manager

We are looking for a project manager to lead a development team and be responsible for projects delivery, related to retail Point of Sale (POS) software solution, to our B2B clients based in Lithuania, Estonia, and Finland for whom you will be the main point of contact at ETRONIKA.

Public Procurement Specialist

We are looking for public procurement specialist to assist in public procurement tenders from monitoring new opportunities to preparing and submitting proposals.

IT Project Manager

Management of IT projects for the public sector in Lithuania & foreign countries.


Still no match for you? Write to us at hr@drnno , and we will be in touch with you when something new shows up.

NRD Companies working territory

NRD Companies working territory

We offer

Positive culture
Talented, motivated and
friendly colleagues.
Meaningful work
Our products heavily contribute to the development of countries.
Professional teams and trainings.
Flexible working
Extra health
We work hard and
play hard.

Daily life @NRD Companies

“One of the brightest dreams of my adolescence was to “become rich and throw all wealth into the fight against poverty in African countries”. Almost a decade after, sitting in Zanzibar, I thought that although I was not 'rich', life led me to NR
Tomas Pleiris Programmer
It is nice that the company is open to retrained specialists from other fields, and at the same time provides great opportunities for further professional development.
Martynas Sales Project Manager
It is worth working in a company that always promotes improvement: as a professional and as a personality. Join us!
Aira Programmer
I love working at NRD Systems because this is where excellence grows. Given the challenge of the job and overcoming it, the following challenges do not seem so difficult.
Martynas Programmer