About the client

General Department for Identification (GDI) / Ministry of Interior


The National Strategic Plan for Identification (NSPI) aims at achieving a long-term vision for Cambodia - every person to have an identity.


Development and use of well-functioning, integral and efficient system to accelerate identification in the country to contribute to accessibility of civil, legal, social and political rights.

Services provided

  • Revision of existing legislation, policies and frameworks regarding birth registration and identification processes;
  • Recommendations for improvement and strengthening the capacity and systems of the General Department of Identification to improve equitable delivery of birth and other civil registration services and identification processes nationwide;
  • Development of a National Strategic Plan for Identification in Khmer and English.
  • The results

  • NSPI for 2014-2024 will guide acceleration of national efforts to increase birth registration rate and identification in Cambodia.

Case studies

    From a traditional Registrar to an e-Service organization (Mauritius)

    Registrar-General’s Department (RGD), Republic of Mauritius.

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    Uganda Investment Authority


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    Development of a Virtual Fiscal Device Management System in Zanzibar (ongoing)

    Zanzibar Revenue Board


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    Modernization of the provision of financial services (ongoing)

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    Operationalization of mobile delivery channel to increase service access in remote areas in Albania

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    Design and development of an Online Business Registration System

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    IT Assessment and Development of IT Strategies for Suitable Development in Cambodia

    United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Cambodia Office


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    National Computer Incident Response Team Establishment

    Bangladesh Computer Council


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    Central Bank Data Centre Infrastructure Modernisation and Maintenance

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